Our Why

Hey, I'm Garland, the founder of GritATX. I had always had this crazy idea of opening up my own fitness studio that focused more on the internal, rather than the external. For a while, my side hustle in fitness was my happy release from the corporate world. When an opportunity to leave corporate behind presented itself, I knew this was the moment to just go for it-and GritAlX was born.

Although you might expect some tire-flipping, pedal to the metal type of vibe from our name, we're actually quite the opposite. You don't have to be strong to take class, that's what class is for.

Sure, we love to sweat. There's nothing like the feeling of sweat dripping down your face mid-workout, as you take a break to wipe it off and then keep pushing forward. But there's so much more than that.

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Feel it before you see it

GritATX is a space to come as you are and enjoy fun, sweaty movement alongside a community of incredible people. Here at Grit, we will never make large promises about 'getting shredded' or harmful comments about needing to 'earn your brunch'.

The only promises we will make are to:

For us, fitness is so much more than looks.

It's about showing up for yourself and your people and the chain reaction that sets off in your life when you commit to your

It's about growing a little bit each and every day as you build confidence and resiliency.

It's about connecting with other humans and understanding that we're all wonderfully and inextricably one.

It's about feeling it before you see it.

Come join us and reconnect with the joy of moving your body :)

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