East Austin's NEW home for fun, sweaty movement offering spin and strength-building mat classes.

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Grit ATX is your new East Austin space to build strength—where you feel it before you see it.

You don’t have to be strong in order to join us, that’s what taking class is for! We welcome all bodies of all abilities looking to connect and sweat in a welcoming, supportive, and energizing environment.

There's never just one way to workout

We’re proud to offer TWO signature classes to allow you to both build up your strength on the mat and get your cardio on on the bike. Plus, we alternate what we teach each day so you never get bored!

With classes offered 6 days a week,
what are you waiting for?

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We're founded on the belief that there can be joy in moving your body, while challenging yourself at the same time.

Show up as you are today—whether that be happy, stressed or angry—and let the music take over while you sweat alongside old and new friends on the bike or on the mat.

Grit ATX is an instructor owned and operated LOCAL studio and community hub, founded by a native Austinite with a big dream and a belief. A belief that working hard to achieve something, alongside a supportive community and incredible music, is one of the best feelings there is. We’re here because we deeply care—about you, our Austin community, and making sure we keep moving. Come join us and reconnect with the joy of moving your body :)

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